Cars drive itself start sold the middle of this decade

30 Aug 2012

It is estimated that in the middle of this decade otonomos swa-mengemudi, or car on sale by a manufacturer to premium segments. (honda crv to europa)But the expert concluded, from car company the technology can not grafted offhand. Fundamental factors needs to be considered is habitually the driver. The problems will emerge, how the driver of a change of habits on automobiles otonomos? If the car still disupiri by man thoroughly, drivers should focus on the road! Then what about the driver on otonomos?


In other respects, it is not easy for every one change habits. To which the experts studying the attitudes of humans facing change. Same with present conditions, changing the habits of reading from books, newspapers or magazines (print) digital media, namely a tablet or iPad or computer screen.

Activity sms

General motors ( gm ) one manufacturer who would have ensured transplant otonomos mereknya, in any technology namely cadilla, recently a miter joint ex-coworker research activity in spring and car drivers otonomos full. (must reduce production)Found fakta the driver can be increased attention to the sophisticated assistan the safety features plus another. driver always gonnahave high-risk habits. For example, operates smarthphone or elekronik gadgets while driving. To give safety, including those in the vicinity; we tried to make a vehicle that can drive itself or be automated, dr. said. Eddy llaneras, investigators in virginia tech transportation institute. This way is expected highway no longer a human victims of negligence.


Explained, one of three drivers surveyed by 2019s 2011 AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index, doing activities, send a short message (SMS) or receive and send electronic mail (email) while driving. In fact, most of them actually do not like with such activities.

more focused

GM also did a penetlian visual attention, testing the driver mengudikan car by hand on the steering wheel and the steering wheel which deflect the vehicle automatically.(what should accident) Both drove at full speed, both equipped with% u201Dadaptive% u201D or cruise control cruise control smart (can adjust the speed of the car in front of it). The study was conducted through Indiana University simulator-Purdue University in Indianapolis and penelitaian by the VTTI on test track GM in Michigan. When not berakivitas (the car kept road), drivers have a tendency to divide attention between the road with other visual or no longer see down the road.(brabus door) In addition, based on the study of dismpulkan, experienced driver with additional features like Forward Collison Alert, making it more focus to ramp up 126 per cent when Steering operated otomatik.( The ability to detect and respond to incidents on the main highways.


Since then dozens of know many people dream has a car that can drive itself. True, only partially can adjust with this technology introduced, the first time capp, said john director of gm global safety electronics active & amp; innovation. for this study is done.(toyota cars) Help gm and counterpart research is determine the best method to keep engaged driver driving the car. Now preparing gm technology drive assists package that is implanted in all cadillac xts and sedan ats produced november. This package includes features adaptive cruise control full speed and emergency brake otomatik to prevent whiplash. Habitual human research aimed at helping gm and technology needed pemasoknya determine pengemudidan ensure otonomos system in the forthcoming perfectly safe.

Some of the participants of the survey scrutinized very interested with the otonomos. They assess, this technology could greatly help the driver when traveling long distances. The driver’s workload will be lighter. GM and its partners concluded, how to interact with the vehicle and driver security technology is active will be car keys into otonomos. It will hopefully help motorists, especially in the way that allows technology to be used in full.




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