Sales of Toyota and Honda Streaked in Japan

30 Aug 2012

Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company successfully bounced right sales notes in the domestic market Japan throughout July 2012.(the american way cars) Both manufacturers managed to maximise demand thanks to lonjakkan given Government incentives for Japan fuel-efficient vehicles.


Toyota reported a domestic production jumped 30.1 percent to Japan 341.200 units compared with the same month in the previous year only 262.328 units.(cars drive) Hybrid car sales reached 176.468 units, streaked 65.8 per cent (from 106.412 units) thanks to the Prius. In the meantime, Honda’s production of 24.9 percent to jnaik units from 70.809 units 88.410 and melego 74.606 unit, surged sharply 67,6 per cent (from 44.514 units). Bounced right sales sustained by Nbox, Fit and a more favorable to consumers Freed Japan.

Nissan motor company, a manufacturer of second largest in japan is decreasing until 7.8 % or become 103.107 units.(this he honda) Nissan deliberately reducing the production of because they were preparing a new model note hatchback launched next week.(most production) Car sales in japan coming up 14.6 percent to 59.936 unit thanks to the high demand for a compact car. The japanese government extend incentive programs worth 300 billion yen which it should end july 2012 ( beginning of december 2011 ) until january 2013. Until august this, the rest of incentives that still can be misused consumers stay 29,8 billion yen.

Estimated value of this incentive, would soon run out next October.”(accident cars) To take advantage of this, producers continue to imomen vigorous launching new models, including the Nissan and Toyota with a Note to market the All-New Auris and the Porte.




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