This is technology deterrents collision on the highway

30 Aug 2012

Federal Government of the United States (U.S.) continues to learn new technologies that communicate each other memungkikan every car or also known asvehicle to vehicle communication (V2V). (honda all new crv)Vehicles communicate wirelessly during stay on the highway and give a warning to the driver of a situation and conditions is taking place. The goal, to prevent collisions.


This Program will be launched this coming August in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to help the federal Government ensured, whether this technology has been put to the test-try for 10 years will continue to be developed or stopped up here.



The basic idea is to equip the car with a radio that can transmit 10 messages in one second to vehicles in the vicinity. The system works like Wi-Fi. Furthermore, every car will be equipped with the tools to interpret these signals, receivers for modified in order to give a warning to the driver.(mitsubhisi indonesia) As a hypothesis, the system works like this: If you are driving and there are other cars around but not visible ((blind spot), the vehicle is going to send a signal to explain his position.

Furthermore, the car radio will receive signals and warning lights activate or release the voice warns you that don’t move track. Experts say, this technology could help prevent a collision from the rear, side and other positions.


Department of transport (DOT) expects this technology can United States made major changes in highway safety issues.(automobile moscow) As long as it has done a variety of efforts to make the streets of America is no longer a place of productive age people fall victim to. According to the data, from 2005 to 2009, the number of fatal car accident collisions dropped 20 percent due to the manufacturers already equip cars with the latest safety systems. Also, a collision is explained the leading cause of death of productive age, namely from 5 to 34 years.


The Federal Government has contracted the University of Michigan to implement this trial for a year.(maximize oil) Trials using 2,800 cars, trucks and buses that are equipped with technology and V2V followed 8 car manufacturers.


Explained, this technology can affect local government V2V preparing highway infrastructure. The reason, traffic signals (lights) can be changed (the duration of the living-dead) and is determined by the volume of vehicles on the road. For this, local governments must change or increase the inftrastrukturnya if you want to take advantage of this technology. (exploding tires) federal u201CPemerintah will work closely with the traffic controller manufacturer, obviously Shelley Row, Director of the United States that handles DOT u201CIntelligent Transportation System Joint Program Office% u201D. However the Central Government and local communities, do not have to change the rules to accommodate more traffic to this technology.

% u201DJika this technology is adopted, there will be a big perubahahan. The new vehicle must be equipped with teknoligi already. For long vehicles, can install the Add-ons and purchased as a product after-market,% u201D next Row. It is expected a few new cars have been equipped with video cameras and radar will support this program. However, the selection of the radio judged more practical. % u201CLebih cheap and acceptable to the community,% u201D comments Row. Concerns that arise, how to identify vehicles that may turn off transmitternya because it does not work. % u201CKami have yet to design a system that is used in accordance with the regulation,% u201C close Shelley Row!




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