This Is The American Way Of Preventing A Collision Occurs

30 Aug 2012

Department of transportation america with with university of michigan transportation research institute has conducted research to prevent traffic congestion and prevent impact.(cars start drive) Research who spends rp 237,9 billion who all financed by a government agency the lasting a year and take location along the highway ann arbor, michigan.


Research involving more than 3,000 units of vehicles of different types (there is a sedan, bus, and truck) equipped with wi-fi roaming the streets,(honda crv) and then to known whether fellow wireless car could communicate with the road infrastructure.(volvo production) From here investigated, the system can not improve the security of the vehicle. ‘ Car talk to other cars are the future security of the vehicle. This opens up the possibility of not only reducing the number of accidents, but also preventing them (driver and passenger), ‘ clear United States Secretary of transportation Ray Lahood. He was convinced by this system of communication between vehicles could hit 80 percent of vehicle accidents

So, in the vehicle using konekvitas system, transmitter and receiver to allow each other’s ‘ talk ‘. In addition, the driver will also warn each other of potential danger, such as the car in front suddenly stops or is there a truck spun off near the vehicle. In this study, all the way in Ann Arbor is approximately 73 miles has been equipped with transmitter and receiver. (accident what)So, allowing communication between the vehicle’s place and road infrastructure on traffic conditions.(smart brabus) As for the majority of cars that were involved in the study of dipsaok, plus a number of volunteer participants car manufacturers like GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Daimler and Nissan agreed to include 8 units of various models.

At the end of later research, a division of transportation Highway Safety Administration Agency (NHTSA) Americans plan to analyze data from the programme for later decided whether to impose federal rule.




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