Honda all-new cr-v immediately slid!

31 Aug 2012

All-New Honda CR-V was launched in Indonesia as soon as possible.(oil gauge stick) ‘ We’ll kan IIMS 2012 presents the latest CR-V, ‘ said Jonfis Fandy, Director of marketing and after-sales service Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) on the sidelines of the show test drive Brio in Bandung, yesterday (30/8). Chances are, this SUV would be launched before the IIMS held on 20 September.(best after sales service) ‘ No doubt, consumers are curious with this 5-passenger SUV, can simply close look and order it, ‘ Add Jonfis. Only the price that can not be. The reason, still consider the HPM kompetitifnya.(nissan cars)


Also not willing to expose Jonfis engine specifications are inculcated to All-New CR-V.(tires brakes) ‘ The same for the global market’s body. As for the engine, not much different from the previous ones.(moscow internationale) Now, even more powerful. Wait on the game, ‘ close Jonfis




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