Mitsubishi Indonesia Earned Predicate Best After-sales Service

31 Aug 2012

PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) smile thanks to his two years in a row as the brand with the best after-sales service, ‘ Indonesia Customer Service Index (CSI) 2012 ‘ based on JD Powers survey & amp; Associates. (internationale automobile) The survey was conducted from February and May 2012! Parameters are assessed, service signups, servicing officer, servicing facilities, car loads and quality service. Furthermore, the performance of service index dealer reported with score 1000 points scale.


Mitsubishi successfully ranked highest in over 12 other brands, 750 points.Mitsubishi earns outstanding rating on four of the five factors, service signups, servicing officer, making vehicles and quality service. Whereas, Honda finished second, 748 points, with the best facilities for servicing of the evaluator.(maximize oil) CSI research this year is the 12th, measuring the level of satisfaction in General from the owners of the vehicles that came to the service center official services for treatment or repair the vehicle after 12-24 months have a vehicle. This research was conducted against the owner of the vehicle who received 3.179 vehicles between February 2010 may 2011.


The average value of customer satisfaction this year 740 points, down 12 points compared to 2011.(what should blong you) Decrease evenly for the fifth parameter is assessed, the highest Loss adalahpendaftaran services (down 20 points) and service officers (down 14 points). Rajeev Nair, Director of the J.D. Power Asia Pacific said vehicle sales happen, lonjakkan since 2009 further increase the number of cars being serviced to the workshop. % u201CMeningkatnya number of subscribers to influence all aspects of dealer operations in the Service Center. Especially in the area of customer interaction, namely the registration and servicing officer, ‘ said Nair in official information received by KompasOtomotif, this Friday (31/8/2012).

Promise services

From research, recorded 37 percent admitted to having a decrease in customer communications with dealers, especially reminder messages service. This number was down 14 percent compared to last year.(nissan gt r) The proportion of customers who make an appointment service also plummeted to 22 percent last year compared to 27 per cent (2011).(cars market) To continue, many customers didn’t want to wait and want to get Flash services by coming directly to authorized dealers without having to janjian. ” In our opinion, this affects the level of customer satisfaction in the service registration, ” said Nair.




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