Moscow internationale automobile salon 2012

31 Aug 2012

Moscow Internationale Automobile Salon (STUART OATES) 2012 has become a magnet for new well-known automobile manufacturers around the world.(oil gauge stick) Though not seglamour Frankfurt, Tokyo, Detroit, Geneva or Paris, the exhibition is also named after the Moscow Motor Show this, then as now the standard international served Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS), some manufacturers do premiere debut his latest model or here. For example, the Mazda6, Mazda introduced the Land Rover Freelander and the Audi with R8V10 Plus.


biggest market

Russia is considered the future of the automobile market in Europe. According to the editor of the United Kingdom, at 2018 AutoExpress, target car sales in Russia 3.6 million per annum or largest in the continent. Twice the number of auto sales in the United Kingdom Kingdom at this time.(brake heres) As a result, manufacturers worldwide countries flocking to Russia despite having difficulties with language and also read abjadnya. Moreover, European markets continue to be dimming. Last year car sales in the country rose 40 percent, i.e. to 2.6 million units. For this year, expected to be $ 4 million. So reasonable, all the world’s automakers, including those from the United States, berbondong came to Moscow, his latest product showcases to consumers Russia.


Due to a very exciting prospect that Russia’s market, at the opening of the exhibition, Volkswagen AG announced it was opening a new factory direct with an investment of 1 billion euros, equivalent to Rp 11 trillion (exchange rate now). The same is also done by GM,(nissan ready for sale) investing 1 billion US dollars (USD 9,55 trillion). So the size of the manufacturer’s interest to invest in the Country Bears the Red% u2013 like Ancelin, expressed Bruno Regional Head, Renault to Reuters% u2013 because people are still very much Russia has an old car or do not have a car at all.(eventually suzuki) In other respects, the organizers hope the exhibition could STUART OATES, disambangi 1 million visitors.


The exhibition opened yesterday to journalists (lasts until today).(cars market in japan) To the public starting tomorrow and will last opened until 9 September 2012.




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