Accident, What Should I Do?

4 Sep 2012

Vehicle dents, heart pounding, and instantly realized that we are involved in an accident. Such conditions which may have perceived the road users when it crashed. (door scissors)But not many know, step by step what to do? One of the site’s automotive, Autoguide, giving a brief guide which are summarized from various versions of the opinions of people who never engage the accident and still able to save themselves.(alphard knockoffs) Those guidelines combined with the advice of the head of the Directorate of Dikyasa Ditlantas Sub Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Pinem, Canton when talking with KompasOtomotif, some time ago. The following rangkumannya:


1. don’t panic. (toyota sale s)Make sure all conditions that exist around you. May a child or wife, even others involved accidents. If anyone is hurt, immediately contact your local hospital,(diesel ritz) or ask for help about citizens, even the Police.

2. turn on the hazard lights, a sign that You’re having problems. Pinggirkan vehicles in a safe position and give a sign.

3. don’t leave the SCENE! Watch the police must negotiate and need if an intermediary. (cars suzuki)Trust all on Police advice.

4. find the eyewitness, and note the telephone number, to anticipate problems at a later date.

5. Try not to blame each other. Think calmly and not emotions. Using eyewitness if indeed You feel right. This could help You argue when the affair was brought to the Police Department.

6. CRIME SCENE and some conditions on legitimate needs. With a Handphone camera is sufficient. It’s important to add a number of parties such as insurance information and police.

7. carefully with an offer of help from people around. Many people who take advantage of panic conditions by taking advantage such as pickpocketing, or even memereteli accessories and stuff that is in the company of cars

8. Another is the case if emergency, and require that you immediately run to RS. Hold one eye-witness and ask for her phone number. ‘ Affair ‘ is done after an emergency easing conditions in the RS.

9. If all is resolved, immediately contact the insurance for all purposes of improvement.




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