Car market in Japan is rising, but its growth is slow

4 Sep 2012

Car market in Japan increased during August, but its growth was the slowest in the last 11 months.(eventually suzuki) Sales of new cars, trucks, and buses increased by 7 per cent compared to the same period last year. So Japan car dealers Association (JADA) report cited the Wall Street Journal, today (4/9/2012). Indeed, since September last year as the initial growth of 1.7 per cent, sales each month keeps moving up.(the ford c) Although lonjakannya would significantly slow down and at the end of the year. Proven, if seen in the sales results last three months is very real. Starting from may, lonjakannya up to 66.3 per cent, but June is down to 40,9 percent, and severe living 36.1 kian July percent. Previous months also reflects low market volume as a result of supply disruptions due to component earthquake and tsunami disaster, as of March last year.


” Frankly, we are looking forward to a surge in purchases faster, ‘ says one of JADA. The consumer should be, he said, quietly, even though they know of Government incentives on purchases of $ 300 billion yen or equivalent to Rp 36 trillion will end January next year.(cars white) In the past month, a new Generation Vehicle Promotion Center divulge that subsidies from the Government lived 26.2 billion yen or Rp3,1 trillion. No wonder, this now many consumers rushed into showrooms utilizes stalking the rest of subsidies by buying vehicles above. (prius c to indonesian) Reports from JADA mentioned if auto sales last August reached a total of 232.372 units, up from 216.519 in the same month last year. These figures exclude the results of mini cars and trucks.

Of these, Toyota gained 115.897 units, up 17.8 percent from the previous year, was precisely premiumnya Lexus brand fell by 17.9 percent to 3264 units.(mazda station wagon) The market also was down 7 percent, Nissan became the 31.405, as well as Honda cars drop up to 4.6 percent to 24.376 units.




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