Nih, Nissan GT-R ready for sale in Indonesia

4 Sep 2012

Stay a step more Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) bring in GT-R R35 to Indonesia. ‘ We still have a message, but until now had not yet reached in her homeland, ‘ obviously Teddy Irawan, Vice President Director of NMI, then contacted KompasOtomotif, yesterday (3/9) night. (cars market in japan) The plan, a sports car that will be introduced at the IIMS 20-30 September next. After that, for consumers who are interested can be directly ordered to NMI. ‘ Just at the moment we can not provide detail specifications, prices and also the certainty when it went on sale, but it’s clear this year, ‘ firmly Teddy. However he could whisper that will present at a later date is 2013 are exactly the same model sold in Japan.(mazda6 station)


View the new R35 GT-R is hardly different from the previous model. What are, according to Teddy’s bigger-generated power. (suzuki have a splash matik)If the previous 530 PS new later 550PS. though, lead Engine is still the same, V6 3.8 liter, DOHC capacity and dual turbo. (apple trend)In Japan, Nissan GTR-R35 dibanderol ranging from 7 to 9 million yen or about $ 870 million to 1.1 billion.(max create jegal prius V) While the current 2011 models sold by Importers (IU) in Usd 2.6 billion. Editor: Bastian




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