A Sketch Of The New Honda Accord Leaking

5 Sep 2012

2013 the European version of the Honda Accord recently revealed, although it is only limited to the sketch. (cars toyota aygo)Data obtained from one of the divisions of Russia in Moscow exhibition Honda Motor Show, late last month.(cars drive) By design, the views of these intermediate sedan barely different to the products to be launched in America. Reportedly, just a different machine type.(orders 120000 units toyota) For the market in the old Continent (Africa, Europe and Asia) wears a similar machine with flanked the Civic has the maximum power and torque is 300Nm 120PS. Moreover, there is also a diesel version.


For the North American market provided 3 options, i.e. 4 cylinder engine capacity 2.4 litres, (honda crv)V6 powered 181 PS 3.5 liter 272 PS, powerless and 2.0-liter i-VTEC that mated with the CVT model full Detail will be launched in North America will be released in the future. (sales of toyota and honda in japan)While for the European market will be present at the Paris Motor Show later this month.




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