Apple Trend Affecting Car White?

5 Sep 2012

Since 2011, white on the car the more grounded. (mazda station wagon was present in paris)Not only Indonesia and Asia, in America color Holy it is starting to be liked. In the United States, 20 percent of the cars sold is a white color (white, white pearls, bone white, white snow). According to Sandy McGill, BMW DesignworksUSA, designer of such trend influenced by Apple Inc. (toyota admits prius c) that is spreading through the laptop, iPhone, iPod, iPad and so on. white usually associated with household appliances such as a refrigerator or a toilet. Apple managed to turn white,and so worth a comment.


Sandy white disclose phenomena in the past. When that many people assume a fast color white is dirty, hard cleanable, and not suited with some part of the body as glass.(volvo recall xc70 and s80) Also, there was a sense white kecil-murah, associated with car large trucks and suv. First, white ‘ s calculating-wise us. Not estimated boom. I and friends other designers was predicted to be a trend could color is brown and gray. (this is technology)We predicts color to be a trend in the future, is blue orange, or brown, beber sandy.

However, white is not so favored European consumers and prefer black and grey.(honda all new crv) Correlation of white color trends in car with Apple’s own remains to be proved.




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