Ford C-Max Hybrid and energy for 2012

5 Sep 2012

At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2011, Ford, in addition to introducing minivans mikni Blue Oval, also featuring C-Max energy and C-Max Hybrid.(the new honda accord) The emergence of two new models that indicate that the Ford C-Max-the latter with sliding doors and three lines-not only ends up petrol engine. Only, in terms of design, the C-Max Hybrid and Energy a bit different with the Blue Oval.(toyota aygo connect) For the interior is equipped with five seats only and the back door are still using conventional hinge in front (the pillar B). Same as the C-Max chassis short being marketed in Europe.


The C-Max Hybrid as part of the following generation of the Blue Oval with propulsion technology gasoline engine/electric combination.(toyota and honda in japan) Konsumsin fuel 41 mile per gallon with a top speed of 70.5 lbs miles per hour. The story is the most interesting, the C-Max hybrid propulsion energy with plug-ins, though its technology is not like the Chevrolet Volt. But with two batteries to support the motor and the engine of the Atkinson-cycle, can reach a distance of riders more 750 km.(orders the toyota) with the help of MyFord Mobile sofware can be monitored when the battery’s energy to be filled again. Both models will be built at a Ford factory in Michigan starting 2012.(the american way of preventing a collision occurs) Being for the European market starting 2013 produced in Valencia, Spain.




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