This Excess Ford C-Max create Jegal Prius V

5 Sep 2012

Ford ready to compete with the Toyota Prius V hybrid on the market segment in the United States to rely on the C-Max will be launched in autumn this year.(tren cars white) One of the giant American car that dares challenge them because their products are superior in fuel efficiency and the price is cheaper. Indeed, how iritnya Ford C-Max hybrid? The Ford claimed in the city C-Max spent fuel’s 19.98 km/liter (kpl), is more efficient than its competitors. 2.38 liters Even the price, Ford mentions of their products cheaper 1,300 US dollars or Usd 12 million more.


the most sophisticated

In the market of hybrid cars of various models, small cars segment such as the C-Max and the Prius mastered 65 percent of the total sales per year. (station wagon)Well, Ford is hoping that its flagship vehicle research spent four and a half years, could seize half more. ‘ C-Max hybrid built with innovation and fuel-saving hybrid by Ford to defeated Prius, spent 20 years. A great opportunity for us to shake up the market, hybrid ‘ comment Raj Nair, Vice President of Ford’s Global product development.( toyota to indonesian)From the process of preparation until the old research, he continued, the C-Max outperform competitors in many ways. Of fuel efficiency, the C-Max yield 19.98 kpl in the city, being the Prius 18,71 kpl. for out of town Ford noted 18,71 kpl, while its competitors 17,01 kpl.


Not just that. The C-Max 2.0-liter Atkinson engine equipped four-cylinder producing maximum 188 PS (Prius V 134 PS). Ford claimed their most sophisticated cardiac pacemaker in the category non-turbo four-cylinder.(volvo recall) And the car could reach the farthest distance is about 780 miles. How in terms of appearance? C-Max offers room for five people with luggage capacity is quite extensive.(interior accord 2013) The car has a high roofline (63,9 inches) so as to make the interior space is quite extensive and flexible. Trus, passenger foot space is also wider than the Prius still v. C-Max is part of Ford’s strategy to give a choice to customers with steady has a variety of benefits and advantages.




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