Toyota aygo connect make enthusiast ‘ gadget’

5 Sep 2012

Toyota Aygo Special Edition berencananya presents an additional name Connect which is a refreshment from the previous one. (widih orders very much toyota))The latest feature is 4.3 inch touchscreen monitor that doubles as a GPS, Bluetooth and Picture Viewer. (toyota sales fell 288%)The Menu is suitable for who likes ‘ narcissist ‘, in keeping with its name, the device displays the image or images that are stored on USB or other gadgets that are linked through the aux connector.(accident what)


This special edition is intended for penggila gadget or consumers who want to always surf-ria.(the middle of this decade) 8 color choices are provided and appreciated from 10.650 euro (USD 127,8 million) to 3 doors.(honda crv to europa) As for the 5-door version, sold 13,350 MMT Orange euro (USD 160,2 million).




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