Volvo “Recall” XC70 and S80

5 Sep 2012

Newspaper last about ‘ recall ‘ come from volvo. (photos interior accord) The administrative agency and safety thoroughfare ( nhtsa ) in us announced about problems systems monitor the pressure of wind tire ( tire pressure monitoring system = tpms ) that is found in 300 units volvo xc70 and s80, yesterday ( 4 / 9 ). Tpms is a feature sophisticated volvo facilitate the driver made control of the pressure of wind and conditions tire.(technology deterrents collision on the highway) Well, after checked nhtsa, module electronic this device troubled, and display one message in mid badgesaying ‘ tpms service its required . This message perform 15 minutes after a car has.


‘ This problem makes the driver could not obtain information if the tires need air. Vehicle users will also not know the tire conditions.(honda all new crv immediately slid) Is it overheating or overload. If it is left prone to erupt and allows an accident, ‘ call the NHTSA in its release. (mitsubhisi indonesian predicate best sales service)Volvo has not announced the implementation of a matter of time. However, Volvo confirmed if the customer will be contacted directly to come up to the nearest dealer.(nissan gt r ready for sale in indonesian)




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