Wuih, orders the Toyota Prius C Reach 120,000 Units

5 Sep 2012

Toyota Prius C no thought or with another name for the newly launched end of Aqua last December, pemesanannya ‘ explode ‘.(toyota and honda streaked in japan) The target of 12,000 units per month, in the first month, orders hatchback worth 1.69 million Yen equivalent or Rp198,9 million (including an incentive from the Government) has reached 60,000 units. In fact, a month later doubled to 120,000 units.(itself start sold )


The Prius C which provided machine 1.5 liter has combined with power 72 PS-power 45 kW electric motor or equivalent 60PS. (this he honda crv to europa)When accelerates 0-100 km/h is only 10.7 seconds. Toyota claims, this car produces efficiency test method passes kpl 35,3 JC08 and 39.9 kpl method test results 10-15 Japan. (288% sales toyota)Available standard variants, i.e. 3 L, S and g. Toyota TRD variants also provides you with additional body kit and more suspension for wearing ceper competition. In its report yesterday (1/2/2012), Toyota plans Prius C into the United States market, starting next March. Previously, this model was introduced to the public through exhibition of North American International Auto Show last January of 2012.(toyota alphard)




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